Welcome to the sacred art and science of Yoga.  May your practice bring you home.

Authentic Yoga is an experiential art and science for awakening consciousness. The results of practicing Yoga are not available to those who merely study about it or watch others practice its techniques. The results are available only to those who become actively involved in one or more of its practices.

In the West most students know very little of Yoga's true scope. Many do not care to know or practice more than the physical postures, and numerous others are content with practicing breathing exercises in addition to their postures.

When the student is ready to know more, to experience more, to venture into the realms wherein lie the most powerful and eternal gifts of Yoga, the Teacher will appear.

Shiva is called the Original Yogi.  As the aspect of the Divine that is responsible for change and positive transformation, Shiva embodies the very essence of all authentic Yoga practice.



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