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Darlene Bink, an exceptional teacher of Vanda Scaravelli's system of yoga practice, is the creator of a new Scaravelli Yoga DVD. for beginners and is soon to be releasing an edition for intermediates.
Gets my vote for one of the best yoga web sites, offering an online resource for the practice of yoga postures as well as tools for yoga, meditation, and conscious living.
Terri McPherson's web site inspirational and uplifting flash movie
Amazing. Beautiful. Uplifting. Contemplative. Awesome. Goes right into your heart. You are the Light of the World. Created by Mary Robinson Reynolds. Please, please see this.
Lessons from the Geese--beautiful and inspiring
For those times you want to experience another reality
Cultural Creatives is a descriptor given to a new group of people holding great promise and largely unaware of each other's presence in society. This web site was intended to hold up a mirror for them, so they could see themselves fully. A popular book written by the creators of this site tells their story: what their culture is like, who they are as individuals and how they live, where they came from, and what they're creating now. It's called The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World (Harmony, 2000).


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